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Teens 1 (TEENS1)



Teens is a four level course designed for teenagers, taking them from Beginner to Intermediate level. It follows the modular approach which enables students to deal with topics in depth. Its multi-dimensional syllabus combines lexis, grammar structures, language functions, skills work and pronunciation.

Course Features:

. Eight modules
. Five lessons and a revision section after each module
. Lively dialogues highlighting the adventures of a group of young students
. Motivating and contemporary topics providing students with multicultural and cross-curricular information
. Clear grammar presentations and practice
. A step-by-step guide to writing, beginning from sentence level to different types of writing, providing students with plenty of practice
. Culture pages introducing students to the English-speaking world
. Lively, topic-based songs
. 80-Hour course live video conferencing with Native English speaking teacher Donald Patnaude (Ajarn Donald)
. This course can also be used as a self-paced course where you complete the assignments anytime you are ready. Then you will have a conversation for 1-hour with Teacher Donald after the completion of each module.

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed